Capital Zone FXpioneered theimplementation of no repricing and rejection of orders policies.We have a systemthat allows almost 99.5%of all ordersto beexecuted in lessthan 1second.Within thissystem, 100%ofthe orders areexecuted.

 Placing Orders

Within Capital Zone FX; market, limit, stop and trailing stop orders are supported and you have the freedom to place orders at any time during trading hours.

Capital Zone FX users can conduct their business transactions by phone and talk directly to our dealers, if they wish.In transactions carried out by phone through our dealers, your position remains open until the closing transaction is performed and your account balance is updated in real time according to the current market prices.

Fractional pips (Fractional pips aretenths of a pip. Fractional pips aresometimes used to more precisely describefluctuationsin Forex rates. A sixth numberis used to denotefractional pipsin Forex rates. On Forex platforms, fractional pips are usually shown assubscripts.) provide tighter pricing. You can perform spread trades and enjoy the most accurate quotation possible.

Please note that you can hold up to 200 positions at the same time (including per customer and pending orders).

Stop Loss and Fill with Limit Orders

At Capital Zone FX, we understand the importance of stop loss and limit orders in risk management. As Capital Zone FX, we guarantee to complete up to 50 lots at the best available market price for both order types.

Execution During Holidays and Weekends

If any market gap occurs from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, Capital Zone FX will issue all pending limit or stop orders; at the initial market price available for the corresponding position size.