The MT5 platform within Capital Zone FX allows you to trade on the world’s leading
commodities such as energy units and precious metals.
Commodity market is the name given to the physical or virtual market for the purchase, sale
and trade of raw and / or primary commodities. Currently, 100 primary commodity trades are
carried out in about 50 major commodity markets worldwide.
Commodities are divided into two: Hard and Soft Commodities.
Hard commodities are natural resources that typically need to be extracted.
Examples of hard commodities are gold, rubber, and oil.
Soft commodities include agricultural and stock breeding products.
Soft commodities include products such as corn, wheat, coffee, sugar and soy.
Investors can invest in companies offering the commodities or directly in commodities through
futures contracts. The most direct way to invest in commodities is to purchase a futures
contract. A futures contract imposes an obligation on the holder to buy or sell a commodity at a
predetermined price on a future delivery date.
In commodity markets, speculators make markets efficient. Speculators tackle the shortage of
goods by bidding when prices drop and financing intermediaries linking supply chains.
Capital Zone FX allows the trading of Spot energy contracts including crude oil, Brent and
natural gas through the MT5 platform you are using.