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Capital ZONE FX has all the necessary licenses regulated according to strict European standards. We store the finances in separate accounts with trusted financial institutions. We guarantee transparent, sustainable and safe online trading.

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Why should you choose us?

We promise the best market trading conditions according to world safety standards.

❖ By claiming your Welcome Bonus, you can gain more business power.
❖ You can follow the latest developments in the market with real-time updates.
❖ We offer you all the tools you need to read the market.
❖ You have the chance to gain your experience in Forex trading on a strong trading

➢ Immediate withdrawal

Your withdrawal request is processed instantly and in one go, except in very rare cases of non-refunds and delays in payments (in case of emergency)

➢ Professional training

We do not recommend simply multiplying your financial resources. We also teach you how to do this. Thanks to our internationally recognized trainers, you will soon become familiar with all the intricacies of Forex trading.

➢ Clarity and statistics

Our primary principle is transparency. Our system has been built in such a way that you can control transactions at any time you wish, obtain the necessary information and ensure the integrity of the transactions

➢ Safe trading

We work with all our might to prevent any unauthorized access to your account or any possible damage to your accounts.

➢ Commission-free trade

We take the commissions demanded by payment systems. This way, you don't have to worry about any extra costs you may encounter when trading.

➢ A wide range of trading tools

Within our platform that makes a difference, there are trading tools suitable for every budget and every strategy. Capital Zone FX is an industry leading platform that offers the most opportunities to add money to your money.

➢ Simplicity and ease of specialization

The unique features of Capital Zone FX are that the user interface of our system is designed to be extremely user-friendly, that our system works flawlessly, and that it has a personal dashboard that provides great advantages for both beginners and professional traders

➢ Individual consultant

Each Capital Zone FX user is assigned an advisor who is impressive with over 10 years of experience in the market. Thus, as long as the markets are open, you can get the most reliable support from your advisor.